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Synopsis of Reason and Existence

At the heart of the sphere of cloud is something that almost every living thing is connected to. Its nature is a mystery even to those that have seen it, but in crude terms it is believed to be an assembly of names, memories and knowledge to which most of creation is bound contribute.

The creator charged the inhabitants of the sphere, the angels, with the monumental task of guarding the evolving ‘message’, and the means to read it, from Origin to Apocalypse. The ageless pristine guardians were legion, but with no option for procreation every one of their mistakes threatened their objective.

Hidden even from the mortals they served as guardian angels for, the complacent celestials never suspected ‘the message thieves’ had gained access to the sphere of cloud, Ell-Maine. When the thieves breached origin and glimpsed a portion of the message, they drank of all the knowledge and power that had ever been bound within.

Angel kind struggled with their failure and the rise of enemies more powerful even than they. They broke under the strain and whole despondent choirs abandoned their post.

One angel amongst many named herself queen and embarked on a crusade that brought the sphere of cloud to Palladium. There the queen and her appointed prefects conspired to manipulate a world of gods and men to defeat the thieves that were their mutual enemy.

It was the series of events that made Palladium the most important realm outside the message itself. A contest that saw one of their own lead a servant of the message thieves to betray his masters, as surely as the liason corrupted the angel that made it possible. A contest that saw the thieves led into a trap where the beings of Palladium were joined by the hosts of Ell-Maine in a gambit for creation.

When the denizens of Palladium proved unable to defeat the thieves, the Angel Queen risked apocalypse by ordering the entire host to engage. Legends detail the seemingly limitless tide of winged beings that had flowed from Ell-Maine. The world did not suspect that angel kind was whittled to fraction of what it had been in the effort to defeat the thieves. A hollow victory over beings later thought indestructible and locked behind the insubstantial bars of slumber.

Now with celestial power to influence events wavering, a heroic company has discovered a thief is loose. These chronicles detail the lives of adventurers with the strength to survive the conflicts of generations and the conviction to persist where even the gods might turn away.

Palladium: Reason and Existence

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