Aldiss Windstorm


AKA Aldiss Asclane

Aldiss ranked amongst the most powerful warlocks of recent times. In a war that Andrakasis (then known as Andon Marcus) was responsible for, Aldiss came to his brother’s aid. When Andrakasis recognised the wind magic he astral traveled (exercising his then little known psionic talents) the battlefield. When he found Aldiss, he showed him the demonic nature of his association with Satan and the vision of Satan unhinged Aldiss’ delicate mind.

But Aldiss had a personality trait that exacerbated matters. Aldiss was a man that lived in fear, so much so that he had spent his entire life destroying the things he feared to try to prove to himself he was not afraid. A measure of his fear could be seen in the dozen air elementals he kept on hand as bodyguards.

Faced with something he feared on a scale like never before, he was near insane with a hopeless, despairing desire to find and kill the being whose astral form had attacked him. This is ultimately what led to his physical downfall, and as a consequence Ronah became Scathe.

Aldiss Windstorm

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