Amrohse Krelzinias

The viscera of gorasneth


A Viscera is a shape shifting demon that must kill the being whose form it wishes to take. The impersonation is usually complete, but is in fact related to what was consumed. Consumption of the brain will give the Viscera complete access to all memories and cognitive abilities of the one it devours, but a Viscera that has not the time to consume mind and body, will settle for the abdominal organs which facilitate physical impersonation.

Viscera were once Witches in servitude to their demonic masters. Their acts of communion (whereby a witch invites the spirit of their god into their mortal form) have burned out their fragile flesh. They are normally mournful, bitter creatures that remember humanity, but can only enjoy it through the memories they devour. These feelings cause them to crave new minds on a regular basis, but unless they engage the memories therein they are not retained long.

When Andrakasis claimed the throne of the East he soon turned his attention to the intent of the world outside his kingdom. He appointed the group his Emissaries and charged them with carrying his word to the rulers of the world upon magic scrolls that allowed the witch to project his own form upon the reader of the scroll.

With the breaking of the first sealed scroll, the Emissaries were instructed to slay entire court of Byzantium and allow a Viscera to be instated to impersonate the king. On Andrakasis’ instructions the demon pretended outrage over the slain court and set the Byzantine navy in pursuit of his Emissaries.

The Viscera of Byzantium worked from his place of authority to pervert the world gathering against the Witch it was bound to serve. When the echoes of war came the Viscera was angered that Andrakasis would not allow it to participate, and the beast brooded until the day the “Emissaries” spear headed the fall of Byzantium to Merchant Prince Valar (of Gorasneth) and the wolfen.

In the aftermath of the assault on the palace, the “king’s” body was never found, but those that had come to understand the nature of the Viscera suspected it had killed for a new guise.

In the years that followed, the Viscera found itself ungoverned by Witch or Devil and moved through a chain of guises. It worked ever closer to the man it credited with its displacement, until finally the Viscera stole the Merchant Prince’s place, and Valar was seen to become far closer to the merchant, Callas Obrahim.

Through the real Valar’s legacy, the usurper forged a destiny for himself outside the control of others. He furthered what he had begun with Callas, sowing corruption throughout the world until he made the curious discovery that Callas had encountered the same “Emissaries” that had worked with the real Valar to dethrone him. He took a special interest in their actions, and through Callas began crafting his vengeance.

Upon discovering Callas and the Emissaries had seemingly eliminated each other, the Viscera reassessed the need for alliances and made exclusive claim to the remnants of Callas’ empire (including the services of the assassin he had gifted the man; Scathe). Doing so roused the ire first of the Extrascytes, and later King Jeshuan Lastus.

Amrohse Krelzinias

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