Peril’s father. A meticulous planner, his designs were undone when honour (and love?) culminated in Andrakasis betraying his pledge to Satan.

For years he was the hub of all the evil that traversed the known world. Andrakasis was a walking talking powerhouse of personality, raw magic and genius. He first took the throne of the Eastern Territory (where Peril’s grand mother and grand father were King Arinne and Queen Landradis) and then ruled as the oppressor of more than just the one kingdom.

Andrakasis had some fatal flaws. His capacity to respect (love?) a woman so much that he would refuse to hand over his first born child to his master, and his word of honour (used by rival gods to entrap him). When Peril was found on an isle of the Floenry chain she claimed her father had vanished.

Later it was discovered that Andrakasis had been an early victim of his daughter’s curse. Peril, rather than being a one way siphon from hell unwittingly conducted her father into the hands of his former master. Satan, obssessed with retribution and the knowledge that Andrakasis had visited Ell-Maine, spent nearly 2 decades attempting to torture the information out of the traitorous witch.

When the group liberated the man that had once seemed the enemy, he helped them steal the weapon Satan had lorded over the other arch devils mercilessly. Then, not content with freedom, Andrakasis ensured the lord of hells was deposed by setting about ensuring the arch devils knew what Satan had lost.


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