Arrine Maloqae, King of the East

A once great king that secretly held the Eternity Sword. When he was forced to give up the sword his resolve faded without the sword’s ever-present personality as companion. His plan to regain the sword and eliminate the witch-king met with ruin at th


An old king, whom for many years held the Eternity Sword (rumoured to be the most powerful rune sword still in existence). The sword was lost before the threat of Andrakasis gathered against the throne, for the dark stalker whom hunted the holder of Eternity had long been imprisoned by the potent magic of the once powerful Molorndrin, wizard and counselor to King Arrine.

But when the group first came to the palace they disturbed things they should not have and the stalker was accidentally freed. Molorndrin could not imprison it again, for he had grown old and had a secret that made him very fearful of failing his majesty in ways such as this; he was so debilitated by arthritis of the hands that he could no longer cast spells without a healer in attendance.

Without the sword’s personality alongside his own the king was a shadow of what he had been. And when Andrakasis came to take the throne Arinne offered almost no effective resistance and was imprisoned (the Queen escaped).

Only later, from the confines of his cell, would a broken man plead with the group to bring him the Eternity Sword so he might destroy Andrakasis. Alas, for a king whose greatness had been eroded decades ago, his moment of strength would kill him, and Landradis’ warpath would be lit.

Arrine Maloqae, King of the East

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