The Blade

The mortal avatar of the god of assassins. A legendary figure that moves throughout the shadows of history. AKA: Natasha Ellis


‘The Blade’ is the religous head of Panath’s clergy. Typically thought to be a man, the woman Natasha Ellis seems an unliklely Blade until she is witnessed in the God’s direct service.

Prophecy is integral to the work of the blades of Panath. When the groundwork is laid in accordance with prophecy a priest will be blessed with almost unstoppable divine favour. At the peak of prophecy a blade epitomizes killing.

In the recent history of Panath’s cult, of thousands of prophesized assassinations next to none are known to have failed. One particular prophecy came to it’s unsuccessful end shortly after it crossed the groups path. The disturbing ramifications of this prophecy have lured assassin god’s avatar into he groups midst as Natasha Ellis.

The blade is privy to all the prophecies of Panath’s followers and the measure of their success. Natasha saw what should have happened and knows it did not, and yet the inner blade (Indel Kyura) sent to the deed has vanished in a ominous contortion of prophecy.

The ranks of the followers of Panath are as follows:
Infidels, no rank and no affiliation with the church

Devotees of the god whom have yet to face and pass their trials. The Sheathed are in a state of preparation to receive the prophecies

Perimeter Blade
The first tier of the clergy of Panath. Perimeter Blades begin their tenure with the prophecies

Outer Blade
The second tier of the clergy of Panath. An honorific achieved through notable success with the governance of the prophecies. It is a sign that the cleric understands the symbology of his god

Inner Blade
The third tier of the clergy of Panath. The inner blades are considered so intimate with the needs of the god that they can craft prophecy through communion and prayer. It is not known by any out side the Inner blades whether this is true

Inner Blade: The Blade
A priest of Panath having enacted prophecy to bring to bear the gods vision is said to become The Blade at that time. It is the ultimate communion between the god and his disciple.

The earthly leader of the clergy of Panath is also known as “The Blade”. Scripture describes him as living a life of continual prophecy and that every move he makes is in response to one of the god’s dreams. In other regards “The Blade” is essentially the convenor of the Inner Blades and the coordinator of global directions in the church.

The Blade

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