Borgul Somon


Borgul Somon is a monster of a man whose hunger for violence washes through his crew in their fear his dissatisfaction will cost them as it costs all his victims. Borgul Somon delights in nothing so much breaking the spirit of his victims. Surrender and disarmament will not spare a crew the animosity of Pirate Somon, only the most valuable lives are likely to be retained for the profits their survival might earn the Federation in the event their breaking should prove of little interest.

Borgul’s only lasting companion is his sword. A powerhouse of lightning magic that no one seems to know the acquisition story for. Rumour within the Federation suggests that the weapon is a rune item that can only be mastered by one that knows the swords true name. The same superstitious whispers suggest the weapon is inseparable from a holder that knows its name. The secret of the swords name is said to be protected by runic magic of magnitude that the much vaunted psychic talents of Pirate Master Lesondiss cannot take the name from Somon’s mind.

The sword itself spends most of its time appearing as an unremarkable blade, but in response to it’s wielder, it awakens and can arc lightning from its tip or summon it from the sky with the speed of thought. The crackling azure energy can be made to spider along the length of the edge and when plunged into a living being, it burns with a fire where the flame seems to rise from within the victim rather than without. The jolt can stun, cause convulsions or stop the living heart.

When the slave trader, Callas Obrahim grew bored with the opposition of the group to his business, he orchestrated the capture of the group and sold them as slaves to the Federation. Emalf Eldritch had the misfortune of ending up on Borgul Somon’s crew and Somon remains one of the few mortals that can give the warlock pause. Though he survived and eventually escaped the pirates on that occasion, that first encounter might even have been called ‘fear’.

Subsequently, the Emalf encountered Borgul Somon after travelling back in time twenty years. Though the pirate did not know the warlock, Emalf witnessed the Timiroan criminal that predated the Pirate Somon. Somon escaped the death row and fought free of the Timiroan capital to find refuge in the Federation where he flourished.

Borgul Somon craved the role of Pirate Master of the Floenry and gradually eliminated all opposition except for the enigmatic Mithis Valicar. In the days following Somon’s final power play to remove the former Pirate Master Johan Vaines from the ranks of the living, Somon was to discover that Valicar would not allow the Federation to be ruled by a man such as Borgul.

Instead, Mithis Valicar adopted the role for himself and transformed from enigmatic and insular, to enigmatic and dominating. With his new position he took a new name, and Pirate Master Lesondiss donned a legend to match that of the man he would deny the title.

Since, Borgul Somon has all but given up hope of leading the Federation. The extent of Lesondiss’ capacity to read people and command them with only a probing mind has left the man floundering for a way to gain the element of surprise he needs to achieve his long held goal.

Borgul Somon

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