Obrekice Broadpaw


The orcish druid first encountered when he sent his bear familiar (Pad Pad) into Emalf’s home town of Girsan to retrieve the human lover that had decided against their relationship. Broadpaw reluctantly accepted the group’s arguments and went into seclusion for many years following his loss.

He reemerge when the corruption of Godling Wood drove him from his home. He later banded with Calibrey of the God Glass and Mynstriall of the Flame to protect the escape of the southern townships bordering Godling Wood. The trio then failed in an attempt to reach the heart of the Wood to purge the disease from it.

Whilst Calibrey and Mynstriall attended the God Glass to seek a solution to the problem, Broadpaw made the unlikely choice of guarding road overgrown in the march of Godling Wood to warn traveler of the dangers of thoroughfare. Unlikely because Broadpaw always shunned civilisation, crowds and armies which drove him to aggression and intolerance.

Broadpaw joined 6 years after the group had come between him and his lost love. It was he that prepared them for the dangerous journey through the Wood.


Obrekice Broadpaw

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