Mute dark-skinned elf sworn to the Order of the Cimeraii.


True Name: Chaisane Tyresian
Race: Elf
Aligntment: Aberant
Age: 72 + Years since past
Sex: Female
Weight: 60kg
Height: 5’6" (1.68m)
Origin: Yin Sloth Jungles
Disposition: Reserved, Hates Knights and Palladins
Description: Chaisane is dressed in a dark magenta (almost black) outfit which is tight fitting leggings and top. Her hair is black and long being well kept in a ponytail, and her skin tone is a dark tan but not black. She is short (even for an elf) with a gymnists build. Being trained primarily to fight with exotic combat metal fans, this was changed in her adventures to fight with a fan paired now with a Crystal magical dagger. She also now wears a Magenta magical cloak that acts as her only form of armour.

Cimmerian Beliefs:
They are honest and honourable to those they deem worthy. To those the Cimmerri deem respectful and worthy they will befriend and be good-hearted to. They will never cheat or steal from someone they call a companion.

Although they are genrally a responsible tribe, that does not mean they do not enjoy some fun. For this they often play practical jokes (some lethal).

Chaisane is currently on the Surface world on her Cimmerrian Sojourn. During this time she has a few goals;

  • Experience what the outside/surface world has to offer,
  • Discover whather life ambitions are and to test herself constantly to judge her abilities
  • Find a mate (Scaithe) and produce an off-spring that can be trained by the Cimmerii giving hback to the order. This has been accomplished.
  • Kill the Bandits who were responsible for the Death of her Parents (Carness Dell)

The mute dark-skinned elf, Chaisane was orphaned at a young age (4yo). The Tyresian family being peaceful farmers were ambushed by bandits taking their produce to the markets. Her brother, the God-Glass ordained priest, Calibrey had fled with her in his arms as her parents had remainded behind to fight for their lives.

Calibrey had found refuge at “the Chateau” when he fled deep into the Yin Sloth Jungles. He left his sister there before returning to the site of the ambush to find their parents seemingly murdered. Chaisane was subsequently raised in “The Chateau” in the ways of the High Order of the Cimeraii. For the next 16 years Chaisane and her brother were taught by the High Order Mentors of the Cimmerii the basics like reading, writing, and arithmetic, and later they were taught how to defend themselves. Chaisane discovered that she was intrigued the use of Fans in combat. The teenager approached the ancient form of fighting that is nearly unknown in the Palladium world. The Grand Sage told her that he too had been intrigued by combat with this weapon so would do her teaching personally. In that time he also intructed her how to use the Traditional Cimmerrian Daisho-Katana, and other basic weapons.

When she came of age (20yo) she was obliged to complete her training with a decade of experiences in the real world (the Cimmerrian Sojourn) before returning to the Chateau to bear a child for the order.

Chaisane was introduced to the group through Calibrey and found purpose for her specialized skills working for the betterment of the world. Emalf became a valued colleague, but she never bonded with Karnath, always suspecting something sinister about the wolf man.

Then, as she rode the magic of the sequence to the past, the Angel Queen had told her that the death of her parents had been caused by “Karnis Dell”. At the time she did not know that Karnath was also known by that name.

Upon discovering Karnath’s tie to her parents’ murder, Chaisane used the opportunity gained from having traveled in time to try to prevent the occurrence. On discovering Karnath’s betrayal it was all she could do to stay her hand against him.

Matters became confused after that. She came to understand a number of things centering on Panath. The dark god on discovering her role in meddling in Karnath’s dream contract had instructed his disciple to kill her parents. Yet the baleful wolfen somehow stopped short of his master’s command.

She believes her parents remain alive, but she has never been able to find them. She was forced to conclude that whatever Karnath would do to cause their deaths was yet to come, and Chaisane is torn on whether to kill the wolfen whose name is most closely linked to their end.

Chaisane eventually seized upon Ronah Asclane’s pain at the destruction of his family and his failure to kill the witch-king responsible. She knew the destruction of this man’s persona would make way for the assassin of the future she most admired.

She offered Ronah the solace she believed would lead to proud and worthy off-spring for her to give back to the High Order.


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