The mysterious trouble drawing summoner whose unlikely allegiance with the group appears to be genuine.


Echo is a red leather clad beauty with mouse brown hair, radiant blue eyes and pale skin. She holds herself with an air of command, and yet only ever commands the ones she has summoned.

The group first encountered Echo on the ship of one of their longest term enemies. Since that time Echo has demonstrated an unpredictable, and dangerously playful, heart. Her place in the group is inexplicably strong, and yet even as she evaded all questions directed at her past, she has ruthlessly challenged others about their own motivations.

More than just secretive, Echo has occasionally exercised wise commentary that could only stem from a knowledge of things no one else in the group has access to.

Echo consorts with devils and seems to take pleasure in the power she holds over them. More than once the ambitiousness of her chosen minion(s) has threatened her life and the lives of those around her.



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