Elandra, Medicii


A plump elderly woman with the dark grey hair in a bun turned. She liberally exercises her hawkish eyes and course tongue to get things done with a minimum of ‘nonsense’. Elandra will bluntly cut to the heart of any problem at hand.

She is the Dawn Medicii with the unenviable role of being Advisor assigned to the Kingdom of the East. Where normally a Medicii has a high place in court and direct access to the monarch’s ear, Elandra instead has to contend with weekly meetings (that can be cancelled with no notice) with the King’s Regent.

She is also responsible for tending ‘the uncured’ which she told the group “are not a matter for discussion outside Dawn’s walls”. The uncured are some of a handful of people in history that Dawn has been unable to heal. They are considered a threat to the hope Dawn gives the world in the face of impending war, and perceievd weakness is to be prevented from tarnishing that face.

The east has an uncharacteristic number of ‘uncured’ because when the Mirrorwitch captures a reflection the host body loses all sentience to a perceived incurable illness. No other city of the world is known to have a being capable capturing reflections.


Elandra, Medicii

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