Emalf Eldritch

Spiritual Mage specializing in fire magic. Aka: Master of Flame, Holder of Forest Future


Emalf Eldritch is a fire warlock born innocent whose soul was guarded and by the angel Orbray-Ell, he was apprenticed to the Master Warlock, Mynstriall at Temple Flame in the town of Girsan.

A day came when the Paladin (Hope), charged by Callas Obrahim with escorting a “prisoner of war” (the Wolfen; Karnath Dell) through the town would discover that her captive was knowingly and wrongfully enslaved by her employer.

Emalf joined with the paladin, the captive she set free, and his wolfen cousin to begin a crusade against the evils of the world. Emalf’s resolve was challenged by the corruption of slave trade, piracy, drugs and the sensual promises of power from the goddess of death.

Though each temptation was resisted with the help of his guardian, their dark and alluring voices reverberated in his memory. Eventually Emalf began to succumb to the forces he had set out to oppose.

As Emalf’s transgressions worsened and his guardian angel was disgraced and punished for her faith that he could be saved.

Though for years, Emalf was left to wonder at his guardian’s fate. When he discovered the vulnerable, mortalised form of the angel was at the mercy of Death, he chose to save the girl and hope for a future with her at his side. In the months that followed he crusaded toward the goal of a solution for Peril, and when the time came to take that solution with him to the future, Orbray-Ell was lost again to him.

Returned to the future, the memory of the girl that must be grown into a woman skirted his mind in all decisions. For every dark path her memory has driven him to find a lighter one. For every temptation to fiery wrath the memory beat back the fire from his actions and limited it to his tone. For every twist of fate he looked for a sign of where the manipulative angels enforced sentence upon the perceived key of his redemption.

Emalf Eldritch

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