Brink Endean


Wizard Brink Endean is an enchanter. He specialises in enchanting the soldiers, their tools in battle, and interfering with the magic of others.

His powers are subtle, and not particularly flashy or impressive, but rather they take what combatants bring to battle and amplify or suppress it dramatically. He is a man that plays to his strengths and will not be goaded to the frontline unless there is a strategic advantage in him being there.

He has an intensity that could be likened to a coiled spring and a practical manner to match the utilitarian nature of his power.

He is a simple, committed man that seems more concerned with his job than any ideal. Brink is not drawn to power or wealth, but rather has found his side in all things and is unlikely to change allegiances for all but the most compelling reasons.

He was, until recently, in the employ of the merchant council of Dakar. With the shift in power to Imperimundi Fortune and the army being assembled he has been directed to answer to Loretta Nab and Pylman Steeder in the management/preparation of the growing force.

Brink Endean

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