Fortune, Imperimundi


Chosen one of the God Glass. Prophesised to lead the God Glass in ending the struggle against Necropolis. Victim of a (so far) incurable flesh rotting disease inflicted during a struggle against Necropolis. Young, impetuous, oscillates between over confidence and fear of failure.

After Kreffner was killed and the followers were driven from the Temple of the God Glass Fortune found refuge with the group. As she travelled with them she learned the difference between wanting the destiny Kreffner had tried to protect her from and having to shoulder the burden without him.

She accepted that fates plans for her were unavoidable and drew on the trappings of Arch Magus and Chosen of the God Glass to inspire a the world to her cause against death. She turned the weapon of the Goddess against Godling Wood to save the city of Dakar and named the great trading city as the rally point for an army she raised for all the world to join against death.

Fortune, Imperimundi

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