A Paladin of action whose mind, almost ruthlessly, cuts through complexity to confront the seat of the problem. Aka: Enforcer Illynis of Dawn


Name: Hope (True Name: Liselle Cramlien) AKA: Illynis Enforcer of Dawn
Race: Elf
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Principled
Age: 82 + Campaign Time
Sex: Female
Weight: 98kg
Height: 6’3"
Origin: Western Empire
Disposition: Tough Guy, Impudent, Self-Reliant, Confident, Hates Thieves, Music and Men of Music.
Appearance: Illynis is a tall elf of exquisite build from years of training. She has long wavey auburn hair, and sparkling azure eyes (that in the years have lost their innocence in life). A naturally beautiful woman, who does not pay any attention to the looks she was blessed with and makes no attempt to enhance them to impress those around her. Dressed in Full Silver Platemail without a helmet (The plate is magical in nature and does not give off any noise when moving). An emblem of Dawn over her heart. Over her Armour she has a cloak of a Baige colour with a golden trimming. Being Left handed Illynis weilds her magical shortsword (Platebreaker) and in her right a large silver shield with an Angelic Motif emblazened on its front.


The elven paladin, Hope, was none too impressed when she discovered how Callas Obrahim and Jeshuan Lastus had used her to further the hurt of the innocent. Banding with Emalf, Karnath and McSpade in an awkward alliance Hope opposed Callas Obrahim fiercely. Then her life was changed forever, when dissatisfied with the escape of the slaver’s ally, the Mirrorwitch, she pursued the woman alone.

Xastarlia Mirrorwitch claimed her reflection that day and she was sent with her former companions to the past to protect her new mistress from the dangers of Witch-King’s ascension. Her goals ran parallel to the groups own, but her agenda was completely the Mirrorwitch’s for most of her time in the past.

Near the end of her tenure in the past she was sent to the Temple of Dawn with the knowledge that the Witch-King sought the Crown of Forever. The Medicii council supported the Mirrorwitch’s plan, agreeing to make Hope Enforcer to the Loreguard Staver. The bonded pair were set the task of retrieving the crown before Andrakasis found it.

The confrontation with Andrakasis in Anvil Hollow robbed Hope of any illusion of the justice of life. Andrakasis had toyed with the Loreguard and herself until the dragon (Shah Dallan) had returned to his lair. Then the Witch-King had left them to the mercy of the beast.

In that one morning she had lost her Loreguard and she had learned that the Crown of Forever could undo the world. But these were the lesser of her burdens. An unseen loss that still plagues her with nightmare; her guardian Angel had sacrificed itself to save her from the dragon.

Hope had replaced her reasons for living with the belief that only she had the commitment to ensure the future survived what was to come.

A part of Hope’s resilience in the face of such loss rises from a desperately held belief that she had seen her god in the moments before she was to die, and that god had spared her. Rather than recognizing the truth of the loss, she instead clung to the memory of a being of light on the shiny inner of her shield.

Since returning back to the current time with Emalf, she has been traveling the Palladium kingdoms in an effort to gather forces for the impending “Great War”, and doing this by any means necessary and with anyone necessary.

Recently finding her mirror that Xastarlia Mirrorwitch captured her reflection in abandoned in the old keep. She has strengthened her trust and friendship with the Mirrorwitch to gain her favour by showing she regards her as one of her only friends, by asking her to be the guardian of her reflection, putting all her faith that this action will give Xastarlia a friend in the world that does not fear her, or feel a duty to serve her like she is used to.

Illynis also recently revealed the information about her daughters child (Peril) and where she can be found and what we think is required to cure the curse. Whether this turns out to be a wise action is yet to be seen…


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