Indel Kyura, Inner Blade

Indel Kyura, the Outer Blade of Panath was sent to kill Chaisane, Karnath and Emalf as per the judgment of the assassin god for their role in undermining Panath’s relationship with his priest.

Karnath, the priest whose faith was inadequate to recognise the falsehoods his ‘friends’ had perpetrated against the god and the priest, was called the “Disarmed Perimeter Blade”. Indel had promised that his time of disgrace would not be allowed to rival his time of service.

She went on to call Chaisane the “Despoiler and dishonourer of agreements” and accused her of stealing the value from the sacred pledge between a man and his god. It was clear Indel was deeply angry with Chaisaine.

Emalf was called “Hapless” and “Misguided”. Indel said Emalf had betrayed only himself, and his capitulating role did not excuse what he had done.

So it was that the group had their first experience on the receiving end of prophecy forged against their lives. For the deed, Indel Kyura was all but untouchable and the group was forced to flee.

Failed as he might have been, Karnath recognised the deeds that had been the foundation of Indel’s prophetic power foiled her well laid plan. Stripped of the advantages of prophecy, Indel chose not to test her mundane skills against superior numbers and fled to reprise the contract on their lives another day.

More than two decades past before the newly made Inner Blade Kyura was again summoned to the prophecy that would end Karnath, Chaisane and Emalf. The foundation prophecy was built on years living amongst monster races, earning her place amongst them until the day when the group passed into their territory. She pursued the group to the summit of Mt Nimrod and entered Heaven Spire to follow the group the portal they opened to Hell.

When the groups luck was favoured by the prophetic flows of a realm under the influence of the Lord of Hell and they escaped again. Indel was left to find her way from Hell and begin anew, but the assassin, plagued by a rat possessed of Tolmet’s power, found the portal of black light leading back to Palladium blocked by ‘the Voice of Tolmet’. The assassin was left for dead in the deepest levels of the abyss.

On the occasion where Emalf was shown what Tolmet had wrought against Indel, Tolmet said:
“In time you will understand the inevitable truth. Death was your destiny then. Death remains your destiny now. If you are special, it is because you have earned my enmity, and I shall relish your realisation of that end”.

“I shall douse the spark from all you care for with you as captive audience. I shall cut your celestial foundation from existence and watch you topple alone into the abyss. The death of this woman will touch your life in ways you will understand only when it is too late. Her death heralds my will on Palladium”.

Since then the mysterious figure known as ‘The Blade’ of Panath, the spiritual leader of Panath’s followers on Palladium has taken an interest in Indel Kyura’s demise. She travels with the group in an uneasy alliance, believing that ‘The Blade Kyura’ lives and that her prophetic direction has somehow been subverted by Tolmet. ‘The Blade’ has said that the group may remain targets for assassination and might allow her to cross paths with Indel Kyura and correct the sacrilege that has usurped her.

Indel Kyura, Inner Blade

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