Jeshuan Lastus, King


Born to the royal family of Timiro, Jeshaun was raised in negotiation. He flourished in the role and made it impossible for his father (the then King Jolnar Lastus) to deny his insistence that he be made foreign ambassador.

Ambassadorial travels taught Jeshuan a great deal about money and power, and to the long-term detriment of his kingdom introduced Timiro to Merchant Prince Valar and Callas Obrahim. With time Jeshuan had become more interested in the affairs of business than state and much of the world forgot that he was heir to the southern throne of Timiro.

Jeshuan was always a hard player in the marketplace. He didn’t back down, was clever and quick tongued, and exploited something those he dealt with could not. The truth seen in a persons eyes. Jeshuan wore a circlet and jade veil, it served to hide his eyes and most of his face from other merchants, whilst unnerving them and allowing him to see their own eyes quite clearly.

When Callas realised the power of Jeshuan’s connection to the Timiroan throne he quickly made the talented merchant a significant part of his business hierarchy. Jeshuan had worked with Callas to pressure the baronies of Timiro into legalising slave trade, but his father, the King Jolnar Lastus was a man that would ignore his vassals on matters of principle.

The chagrined Jeshuan had been forced to accept his father’s decision, but confident of Jeshuan’s allegiance, unbeknownst to the heir Callas had anticipated the obstruction and pre-emptively sent Scathe in the guise of Battlemaster Ronah to ensure the fall of the king to ill health. Jolnar was already a decrepit shadow of his former self when he denied his son, and so Jeshuan thought little of it when he died months later, making way for Jeshuan to become King of Timiro based on the unseen deeds.

Jeshuan is different to Callas, he rarely abdicates/trusts anyone with business or delicate affairs, and he never plays games. After crossing Jeshuan you are ruthlessly hunted down, and killed with any of those suspected to have worked with you. He is a man of action whom gives little concession to those that trespass within the realms of his authority. He says what must be said, and knows what he must do.

Jeshuan Lastus, King

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