Disgraced wolfen priest of the assassin god. Since has found alignment with the Nogard. Aka: Karnis Dell, Head of Maneiad


Karnath rose from militant and war-torn origins. Clan Dell was at the forefront of every war with human kind, and in one such battle the victorious humans had sold his kind to the Slave Trader, Callas Obrahim of Dakar.

Callas had been working with Prince Jeshuan Lastus and Merchant Prince Valar to force Jeshuan’s father to legalise slave trade in the kingdom of Timiro. Karnath was to be one of the first slaves to auction when the blackmail was complete.

Karnath had been raised in the holy doctrines of Panath, the assassin god. He had learned communion through dreams and welcomed the dream contracts of his god showing him who should die, and how.

The dream contracts of Panath are part instruction and part prophecy. The early details of the dreams tell Panath’s disciples what ground work must be laid to transform the envisioned assassination into predetermined prophecy.

One such prophecy culminated in Karnath killing Callas Obrahim. A murder that the falling Emalf Eldritch had wanted for himself, and the dark souled warlock joined with the assassin Chaisane in a plan to test Karnath as surely as Karnath had tested Emalf’s need to be Callas’ hand of death.

Together they commissioned a dream spinner to plant a false dream contract in Karnath’s sleeping mind. Karnath failed to realise the deception and was disgraced in the eyes of his god.

Karnath never realized his redemption, though he was told that slaying those that had come between the priest and his god was all that was required. Panath eventually lost patience and issued dream contracts for the execution of all those involved in Karnath’s disgrace, including Karnath himself.

As Karnath lost the favour of one god, others took an interest in him. Kanath refused the approaches of the goddess of death and was eventually made one of the Nogard against his will in retribution for the Nogard he had slain.


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