Kormon Somiah, Ritual Leader


Librarian of the God Glass. Theoretical capability extraordinary, but lacks the confidence for application. Carries and stashes hip flasks in all the places he frequents.

The late Arch Magus Kreffner relied upon him heavily as the mind most likely decipher the prophetic texts surrounding Imperimundi Fortune. Since the chosen ones birth, he has spent countless hours comparing the script upon her moonstone signet ring to texts the group helped the God Glass take from the ruins of Heavenspire (The God Glass’ mysterious base of operations more than three thousands years ago).

Many of the texts, written in the barely comprehensible star-tongue contradicted each other and Kormon has never ruled out his own limitations in those contradictions. But according to Fortune, Kreffner believed Kormon understood all too well and those aware of the star-tongue prophecies believe their words have been tainted with Tolmet’s influence.

This view was supported by Kormon’s ability to use the Seven God Glasses of Heavenspire to open a portal to Hell using coordinates he deduced form the Imperimundi’s signet ring.

Kormon Somiah, Ritual Leader

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