Landradis Maloqae, Queen of the East


Here are the origins of the Mirrorwitch. After her husband died at the hands of Andrakasis and her long hidden powers failed to save him, she fled her palace and lay in hiding. For all the years that Andrakasis ruled she planned his demise and schemed to that end. Of all his enemies, she came as close as any using the unpredictable attack angles of her powers, both nether and political. But never did she expect what Andrakasis did before he and Valyndria vanished.

In the days after he realized that Tolmet had extracted a promise from him that reinforced his commitment to Valyndria’s wishes, he found himself forced to betray his pact with Satan. He sent his emissaries to negotiate an escape via the Mirrorwitch’s magic and to safeguard the succession of the Eastern throne. Landradis, powerless to refuse on the threat to her bloodline had overcome her outrage to cooperate.

So, even as Andrakasis attempted to elude the wrath of his betrayed master, Landradis reemerged as Queen of Dwellen.

Staged her own death when the Covens invaded the palace and used her power to appear as the ghostly being “witchbane” thereafter. With the help of Advisor/Regent Lybuall she continues to rule the East from beyond the grave by manipulating the incumbent “king”. Mother of Valyndria, Grandmother of Peril, she has waited decades to learn the fate of her bloodline.

Landradis Maloqae, Queen of the East

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