Lesondiss, Pirate Master


All that is known of Federation Pirate Master Lesondiss is that he served under the alias ‘Mithis Valicar’ as a senior pirate for many years before Borgul Somon and his criminal ilk escaped military justice in Timiro. Somon was not content with a place amongst the pirates and his treachery led to many death’s on the Federation council, until finally the pirate himself took his place.

From his seat on the council, Borgul continued to push his peers until finally a proportion dared counter him. Only two of the Federation council survived that confrontation and neither have ever described what occurred, and Borgul Somon proceeded to assume the place of authority he had made for himself.

But in the void created by Borgul’s viscousness another man rose to the council that could resist the monster himself. Then Mithis Valicar took a new name on seizing power to help the pirates understand the secretive, seemingly subservient man they had known was gone. In doing so he was replaced by Pirate Master Lesondiss whom openly declared himself a changeling and made no secret of his powers of mind. He used his legend to give even Borgul pause.

Lesondiss is known to use other forms sparingly, but when he does he is thought to almost certainly to use them to kill, or he kills those whom know of them.

In the years that followed, the Federation benefited from the experience and intellect of such a man and what was once a localised effort in classic piracy became something much more. The Federation found alliances in slave trade and in corrupt kingdoms where once it was too insular to pursue them and has thrived ever since.

What is most striking about the changeling/psionic is the sheer ease with which he absorbs the surface thoughts of those around him. This trait makes the man very difficult to negotiate with because he sees a mans ‘truth’ almost unerringly.

As a shapeshifter, Lesondiss’ perceived age cannot be relied upon, but the lie of his appearance is often evident in his eyes. Those that know the man at all suspect he has lived many life times in different roles and places, and the breadth of his experience has lent his eyes an insightful depth that few learned people could mimic.

He lives now only for those rare moments when life can truly surprise him. Everything else is an exercise in overfamiliarity and boredom. The people of Palladium play their predictable roles to predictable effect under the governance of systems that have existed for thousands of years. It all seems relatively pointless.

His experience has rendered him cynical of all people, for whilst few can lie to him, he has learned that what others believe is limited both by their experience and what they wish was true. Much to her frustration, Echo’s assertion she was from the future was viewed this way.

Lesondiss, Pirate Master

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