Narim Kareyne, 'Logica'


Narim was raised in the university system of Lopan. She performed well in her studies her instructors perceived in her a rare deductive imagination that could solve problems where most could not grasp the questions. This imagination and her fascination with the theories surrounding the matrix of eternity saw her seconded to ‘The School of Sequentia’.

There she flourished as an initiate beside the men that would one day take the devices ‘Modulus’ and ‘Omegaden’. She came to like the boy Atrim, that would one day be Modulus and they became friends. But Narim was never to gain her symbol and device within the school, but instead her life line was to cross with that of the future ‘Modulus’ that had transported the group to the past to resolve the formulary for Peril.

Modulus had struggled with helping the group and found as time went by that he bore costs for his transgressions against time and concluded he may not last the time necessary to see the group back to their future and able to save the world/matrix from Peril. For these reasons he lured Narim away from the school, knowing that the greatest loss of his teenage life had been inflicted by the need to find the solution for Peril, and he took it upon himself to fill in the gaps in Narim’s training and impart the future and the great threat to it.

Doing so was the transgression against time that accelerated his demise, but it gave the group someone they could rely on that was not limited by their ties to the future and he embraced oblivion, satisfied that he had done what had to be done. Modulus gave Narim her device (abacus) and under his tutalage she took the word symbol ‘Logica’.

Logica spread her concern across the entire world at a time for the groups success. She counseled them both when they asked her advice and when they didn’t. She lowered herself to the simple guise of ‘seamstress’ to the princess Valyndria so that she could be close when she needed to be. but Logica’s greatest contribution to the success of the groups quest and safety of the world came in the form of limiting the damage the group could to to the world and themselves as meddlers in time.

She shadowed their passage across the world, editing and rewriting historical records to ensure that the changes that were inevitable stopped at first hand observation. Thanks to Logica, the world never knew the full extent of what the group had to do to gain the knowledge the futrue needed.

When the group had their answers in hand and were ready to return to the future, it was Logica that save them from the Mirrorwitch when the Witch-King’s folly had placed them at her mercy. The cost for their scape was the mathematicians’s reflection, and Narim’s reflection remained in stasis in the mirror Landradis had used to imprison it, her body barely classified as living was left to the care of the Healers of Dawn, whom were never able to cure her.

But on return to the future, the group remembered the friend they nicknamed ‘Clicky’, her sacrifice and her insightful advice. The memory eventually led them to negotiate her freedom.

Narim Kareyne, 'Logica'

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