Lucifer, the Lightbringer


AKA: Kavad-Ell

Kavad-Ell was the angel ambassador to Palladium in their attempts to lead the lesser beings of Palladium to victory against the Old Ones. He was only deployed when their secret crusade had failed, and the infamous angel went to the world to unite its peoples against thhe Old Ones.

But even those measures proved fruitless. The forces of the Old Ones, led by Satan, decimated most of what the mortal world placed in their path, and finally Lucifer forwarded a proposal to the prefecture as his own that had come from a force that would remain hidden until much later. The prefecture reluctantly accepted that the Old Ones were insurmountable without a change in the forces that could be brought against them.

Lucifer manifest to Satan, and the ambitious arch devil accepted the proposal that the Hells be his should he help Ell-Maine see an end to the Old Ones.

The agreement was the foundation of an age long duopoly over the Hells and the seeming quest to discover the nature of, and usurp the message. As the years blurred together the pair were less successful an Satan would have liked, until at last Satan demanded that Lucifer attempt subterfuge to gain the knowledge he sought. Lucifer, unable to let a necessary ally be lost returned to Ell-Maine with the story of Satan ’s obsessive mania that had found focus in a great plan rooted in the throne of the Western Empire.

Ell-Maine was to, and did, believe that Satan had broken ‘the impasse of the gods’ and would extend his reign beyond the Hells and into the greatest civilisation of Palladium. On Kavad-Ell’s testinony , a choir was sent to establish guardianship within the court and counter the move or intervene directly.

In a parody of what Satan had done to the Old Ones, Lucifer led his kin into a trap. Devil kind, having come to agreement with the witches of the empire made it possible for the choir to be restrained in the dungeons beneath the place. There, the angels and Lucifer were chained with their light milked to power the dome over the city.

They remained that way for more than a thousand years in the hopes that the prefect leading the choir would come to trust the fallen angel whom appeared to be as much victim as the rest of the choir. Then Satan set Andrakasis the task of liberating Lucifer to discover what he had learned. Using his emissaries, the witch king slew entire host and set Kavad-Ell free to resume his post in the Kingdom of Light and share his discoveries with Satan.

Satan was disappointed by the fruits of the reconnaissance effort, and in a fit of rage, he ordered the angel that had made his control of the Hells possible to work with the great avatar Andrakasis to invade Ell-Maine and gain the knowledge they had waited so long to discover. The ‘invasion’ was a catastrophe that saw the Lucifer, Andrakasis and the group captured by the Angels. All bar Lucifer were let free with the confusing references to how they would one day save the message when all else failed.

Lucifer resisted the Angel’s interrogations for decades, before casually ‘admitting’ that the answers the prefecture sought could be found in his own Kingdom of Light. Predictably, the prefecture dispatched a choir, to the Citadel at the heart of Lucifer’s kingdom, only to find that the Citadel was itself a trap. A place into which celestials could enter, but could not leave.

The contrivance of what the arch devil Lucifer had done was evident in the coincidence of the angels’ recent captivity in the time before Andrakasis entered the Citadel of Light in search of his own answers. It was Andrakasis that solved the riddle of why the celestial, Kavad-Ell, could leave a place that his kin could not. The man whose turning on Satan had cost the god more than any mortal should he able to exact, had reasoned that Lucifer was the guardian of a another (he suspected thar Lucifer’s ward was Satan himself), and would himself take the angels in a perversion of the guardian angel bond to free them, but not before his appetite for what Lucifer knew had been whet, such that Andrakasis would use the angels to barter the Lightbringers freedom.

Lucifer, the Lightbringer

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