Madgellania, The Voice of Tolmet


As high priest of Tolmet, Madgellania ‘sleeps’ with the goddess and undergoes faith traps on a regular basis. ‘Sleeping’ with goddess involves taking ones own life and literally residing with the goddess in the hours of rest. It is the ultimate test of faith, to be unfaithful or unworthy will mean never awakening.

Magdellania has held the post for three thousand years and has hinted that her longing to rest with the goddess eternally is long past due. More than once she has been succeeded, but every time those others have proven unable to resist the allure of the artifact of the office, Death’s Key and had proved ineffectual in furthering Tolmet’s plans in the living world. On each occasion Madgellania has been sent back to the living world to resume a post she vacated only days prior.

Madgellania is more than an avatar of death, she is the prophetic vehicle of Tolmets words across Palladium and was long ago confirmed to be the prophesised ‘Voice of Tolmet’. She has overseen Necropolis and it’s relationship with the known world since it’s founding so synonymous with death has she become, that most imagine the goddess in her image.

But prophecy would have the world believe that Madgellania is more messenger than anything else, and certainly three thousand years of menace has not seen her lead Necropolis out of the wastelands to conquer the world. ‘The Voice’ is, according to prophecy, little more than the custodian herald for the avatar the same texts call ‘The Will of Tolmet’.

Many believe that ‘the Will’ represents the power to arm Tolmet with all the might of the mortal coil against the heavens through a great war that will end in apocalypse, and though these theologians cannot imagine a world without Madgellania, there are no prophecised records of destiny her destiny beside ‘The Will’.

Madgellania, The Voice of Tolmet

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