Satan’s Vizier in the Citadel of Dis before he was deposed as Lord of Hell. Renowned for her influence with demon kind, bring order to chaos and averting the self-destructive tendencies of devil kind. Mastema was been the inspiration for Andrakasis’ dream siege, but where the former Witch King had needed to prepare (recruiting a summoner to summon free will destroying spirits, summoning sacrifices with known true names, drugging water suppliers, enacting a monumentally powerful sleep and dream psychic attack) and time events (such that a ley event coincided with a leyline nexus close enough to his victims) to make the Eastern Capital susceptible to his domination, Mastema needed only a thought to impose her will across thousands of targets.

Had her power worked on the Arch Devils themselves, there would be no doubt she would have been Hell’s Overlord. Instead she had only been able to influence their superficial emotions, but the result was that even Satan’s greatest arch devil rivals respected Mastema.

For mortals, it is said best option for dealing with Mastema was to avoid her attention, but with countless eyes doing her bidding, such a thing proves difficult.


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