Dannis Mellesandre, Enforcer


After the angel Orbray-Ell’s mortalisation and rebirth, she was born Aurar Elidor. A girl destined for a greatness befitting her true heritage found her way as an orphan into the auspices of the Temple of Dawn. Instinctively she tapped her celestial nature, though no one presumed anything more than raw talent. She became arguably the most potent Healer under the banner depicting the rising sun since it’s inception under Essenser Dralion.

At an unprecendented age she found her way to the order of the Loreguard within the temple. She joined the most powerful healers in learning the skills of combat alongside the paladins schooled to compliment that healing talents of the Loreguard. At the completion of extensive training, these paladins, the ‘Enforcers’ of Dawn, were each joined to to a Loreguard by a magical bond allowing the Loreguard to heal and enchant the Enforcer whilst foregoing the requirement of touch.

Through this bond Enforcers become, without question, the greatest warriors in history. Able to take impossible punishment and walk away unscathed, and capable of superhuman performance through the augmentative magic their Loreguard bring to bear.

Dannis Mellesandre was the Enforcer paired with Loreguard Elidor. A fitting match for a Loreguard of Aurar Elidor’s immense talents. He was a warrior as near to the pinnacle of what Dawn could forge as ever there was.

In keeping with the role of the Loreguard to remove dangerous magic from general circulation and lock it in the Forbidden Vault in Dawn, Elidor and Mellesandre achieved countless artifact retrievals even when previous teams had failed.

Joined so, the pair did their part to safeguard the world in accordance with the decrees of Dawn until Loreguard Elidor met Emalf Eldritch. In those moment the angelic power of mortisation broke and Aurar Elidor remembered she was the angel Orbray-Ell.

Though Mellesandre is yet to realise what has befallen his partner, his time as part of that particular Loreguard-Enforcer team has ended, and the relationship that will replace the potent union is yet to be revealed.

Dannis Mellesandre, Enforcer

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