Cleeden Melvekis


Skilled in little except coordination, planning and intimidation.He is a severely gluttonous man when it comes to inflicting suffering and over powering his adversaries…and allies.

He is smart, discplined and insightful, with and largely deals fairly with others. His consistency and open brutality to those that threatened his service to the witch-king’s memory made him one the most feared men in the Stronghold. His brutality is tempered with an unnerving and above average patience that reinforced his authority. His loyalty to the witch-king was unexpectedly staunch, but the trouble with the dwarves of Hammerfall forced him to ally with the pirates of the Floenry chain. An alliance that increasingly saw the pirates’ authority challenge his own.

He saw the arrival of the group as a sign that Andrakasis would soon return, and though he was given his freedom when the group led the revolt of the slaves, it is probable that Melvekis has mixed, possibly hostile feelings about the group.

Cleeden Melvekis

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