Mordin, Enforcer


When Emalf, posing as Mellesandre, had contacted Fortune using Aurar’s Dawn Ring, he had discovered that the discussions of the Medicii proved very informative on world events. As such, he had continued to listen each night to see what new details might be revealed.

Reports from Enforcer Mordin, whom was a member in the two Loreguard-Enforcer teams sent to Hammerfall by the Essenser to retrieve the Hedron of Doors. Mordin was so new to Dawn that Loreguard Elidor had heard only of his great promise as a warrior prior to her departure with Mellesandre to the Floenry.

Aurar worried that impending war had made the Pearl Temple so desperate that they had fast tracked the instatement of Mordin (whom was reputedly the most battle capable warrior to ever walk beneath Dawn’s banner) as an Enforcer. She grieved for his inexperience and what the assignment had cost him.

Mordin’s testimony implied matters in Hammerfall had gotten very much out of hand. According to the Enforcer’s report, though they succeeded in taking the Hedron from the dwarves, their retaliation had killed the other three emissaries of Dawn, leaving the newly appointed Enforcer alone, to seek healing in the Eastern Capital of Dwellen before continuing on his way to Dawn with the Hedron.

He was fretting at the need to leave Dwellen as soon as possible because his visit coincided with uncharacteristic instability in the city. The Covens, after years of stalemate with the palace (and the power of Witchbane), had attacked the palace. All reports suggested Witchbane had failed to manifest, much less retaliate.

As matters spiralled out of control, Medicii Elandra and a number of the healers stationed in the temple in Dwellen had been summoned to the palace to assist the guard.


Mordin, Enforcer

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