Nahtra Crane, Battlemaster


Nahtra Crane was rare amongst the soldiers raised in the years the legendary Battlemaster Ronah Asclane led the armies of Timiro. Rare because she was a woman, but being female is almost certainly what allowed her to interact so successfully with Ronah and the then Prince Jeshuan Lastus.

The exceptions that were thus made for her opened promotional opportunities that allowed her to realise her dream of achieving the rank of Battlemaster. As a human and knowing that Ronah Asclane, she never had designs on being first amongst Battlemasters, until war with Dakar brewed. In the lead up to that skirmish, one in which Consort Medrian became deeply vested, she learned of the duality of the woman whom was queen in all but name. She learned of The Extrascytes whe Medrian made ready to take matters into her own hands to save some of her people.

When news had reached the King, Medrian had both damned her and endorsed her by revealing in a missive thin on details of her situation gone wrong, that Nahtra Crane would be able to fill many of the gaps. The whirlwind effort that had seen her work with Lorretta Neb and Pylman Steeder had successfully conquered Dakar and a good portion of the credit was lain on Nahtra’s shoulders.

More than any other factor, it was what happened next that earned her an untouchable place at the King’s side. Publically her promotion was the only sign of his approval, but in private it was clear that Jeshuan Lastus knew that her actions had saved his life and his face under the Viscera threat he had denied existed. Were it not for Nahtra’s instinct to believe Enforcer Illynis of Dawn regarding the usurpation of Consort Medrian’s place by the shape shifting demon after her murder, the demon would certainly have surely taken the either a place in Dawn, or the throne of Timiro.

Nahtra Crane, Battlemaster

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