The psychic spy of the kingdom's garden. Drawn to risks, some of which have borne grave consequences.


Norindial, the kind was found by the head of the spies of the East. Recognising his potential, Lybuall applied him to the terrible times before, during and after the coming of the Witch-King.

A powerful telepath, Norindial’s strength was also his weakness in that period. He was one of the first whose dreams were touched by the malevolence of a man that would eventually bring the world to its knees. He was first to know that the chance at survival lay in leaving the city before the witch-king came.

Then after the unthinkable usurpation of the Eastern throne, the former Queen’s head of spies had approached Norindial with the most dangerous of assignments. Recognising the criticality of the task, Norindial cast aside his fears and adopted the deep cover mantle of a practicing witch of the Covens of the East.

Norindial managed to infiltrate the highest echelons and was confidant of Vesicarradah, even as he undermined the resolve of the man with designs on the things that the witch-king had taken for himself.

Norindial worked with the group many times, carrying messages and helping them with their most dangerous quests.


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