Emalf’s ex-guardian angel, whom defied the rule of her queen to abandon him as his soul festered to the point of being unworthy of a ward.

She proved to love in a way that angels have never done before, her feelings for Emalf drew her to Palladium in human guise to protect and befriend him. Even as the angel struggled to preserve Emalf against the designs of death and demons, her deeds identified her, and Emalf was torn between her reassuring presence and a growing resentment over her interference in his plans.

Eventually she was caught and tried in the judgment hall of the angels based on testimony by the members of the group. She was found guilty and sentenced to rebirth and mortalisation.

In the hour of Dawn the mortalised angel was born, destined to grow to power because hers remained the soul of an angel. Knowing this, Emalf worried over whether she would remember the cause of her damnation. Whether she would love him or hate him.

The goddess of death had not forgotten the man she so nearly claimed. Nor the celestial being that had thwarted her. On her instructions the denizens of Necropolis had spent years searching for Aurar, and when she was found the goddess pursued the sweet irony of tempting Emalf into dealing with the fallen angel himself.

When presented with the power of the after-life, Emalf instead chose his waning chance at redemption. He snatched the unknowing girl from the embrace of death and kept her safe until prophecy again took her from him (“Little messenger lost in time. You must be lost again before you are found”).

Lost again, as the prophecy said Emalf has never ceased his labour to find the girl he hopes survives still.


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