The first born child of Andrakasis, pledged to Satan but withheld. The union of the curse laid on her by Satan, the dream vector that passed from her mother during labour, and the power of the Crown of Forever upon her mother’s brow have made her a liv


Teenager (17), pale skin, blonde, sultry, haunted and resentful


The group first encountered Peril when she was but an innocent eight-year-old girl whom lived in a world of endless terror. Even then she bore a curse that threatened the future of all creation.

She is appropriately named, for all those around her are imperiled. The curses first manifestation is only to cause ill luck or immoral behaviour and bickering in people around her, they fight and they kill each other. But the curse is linked to her life force; it grows more powerful as she ages and the time approaches when the girl will become a woman.

When she is in one place for an extended period her curse effects reality (it is dangerous to sleep near her). When she sleeps she appears to have shadowy flames licking her flesh. The group traveled in time to discover the source of the curse and found a confluence of events lent it creation threatening power. She was cursed by Satan, Lord of Hell in retribution against her father. Her father (a witch) failed to hand all of Palladium to him, this curse would serve as both a punishment and a stepping stone from hell to the mortal realm.

But the curse itself was complicated beyond Satan’s control by a collusion of events. Peril’s mother, Valyndria, was possessed by one of the other dimensional spirits Andrakasis had used as vectors for his dream siege. In the moments of labour when Andrakasis realized his wife might be lost, he placed the Crown of Forever on her brow. The curse swept through the intersection of these powers, devouring Valyndria’s soul as fuel and displacing much of the power of the Crown to create the deathly implications of Peril’s curse.

Essentially the curse has so far appeared to make Peril a warp gate to hell. She siphons evil from hell into the world of Palladium in ever increasing quantities. Eventually hordes of devils will rage forth from her being, and no man may stand in her presence without being consumed by violence and hate. This alone has the potential to be the world’s end.

What was not evident at first was that the transfer of power from Crown of Forever to the girl has made her a nexus in the matrix of the two dimensions; Palladium and Hell. With time the dimensions of the matrix governing the existence of the two planes will bend, gravitating toward her until the matrix collapses upon itself.

The group traveled to the past to witness the events leading up to Peril’s curse at the insistence of the Sequence. Though Peril’s curse shattered the unity of the Sequence and pitted them against themselves, their remnants believe that the curse can be checked by the Crown of Forever and/or the discovery of Peril’s birth name.

The group returned from the past to find Perils curse had grown with her age. As adulthood closes there can be no doubt that more than one dimension teeters on the brink of oblivion.


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