Pironis Agomore


Agomore is clever. He an eloquent taunter by nature and often tries to the opposition off “their game”. He has a certain regal and “reasonable” air that can lull those around him into thinking he is less than dangerous.

Agomore is polite, but he will not repeat himself, but rather reminds those around him of that fact (he will not repeat himself) no more than twice before violent repercussions ensue. He has an exceptionally high opinion of himself and thinks he is extremely fair and reasonable.

Agomore always carries a not less than two loaded pistols. It is habit to pass his pistol on firing to a lieutenant for them to reload it. Agomore will also take liberties and draw an allies pistol from their belt for his own use. He is an excellent marksmen capable of drawing and firing a weapon with astonishing speed.

Agomore has twice been thwarted by he group. Once in an attempt hijack a ship to Timiro (the group confiscated his pistol and he and his pirates were set adrift in a small boat).


Pironis Agomore

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