Salicen, Nogard


Little is known about Salicen Nogadis. His emergence as a point of contact for recruiting the Nogard to service is presumed by many to be evidence that Vallen Nogardis was a casualty at the foot of the mountains shouldering The Temple of the God Glass.

Salicen is an exacting voice that attends diligently to the priorities of whatever contract the Nogard have entered. He was recruited by the Eastern Throne through Norindial as Landradis Maloqae became increasingly concerned over Andrakasis threat to her people and her authority.

So far Andrakasis has eluded apprehension by the Nogard, the most recent instance because Norindial ordered the Nogard not to interfere in Andrakasis’ crusade to silence the curse on his daughter as a prerequisite for his negotiations with Ell-Maine.


Salicen, Nogard

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