Satan was one of the beings the Old Ones created to lead their armies against the worlds they sought to conquer. They created him from the most base magic drawn from their insigt into the message itself. Satan is correspondingly powerful and motivated to the hints he was made for. He is a creature of power, war, corruption and retribution.

More than one Arch Devil was created to lead the lesser devils of the hordes, but Satan proved the most capable of his kind. Through a blend of political favor and achievement, Satan became the penultimate general in the Old Ones’ plans. The other arch devils vied for attention, but Satan’ hold on the tools of war the Old Ones had put in their hands meant that none could achieve nearly what Satan did when he set his forces against the enemies of his masters.

Satan was seen by the their enemies as the point of weakness in their plans. For reasons that remained a mystery for millenia, the angel ambassador to Palladium, Kavad-Ell convinced the prefecture of Ell-Maine to allow him to offer Satan the Hells in return for his assistance in defeating the Old Ones. It was only much later that Andrakasis would discovered that Kavad-Ell had enacted the plans of another being.

Kavad-Ell was successful in convincing Satan to accept the reward of precedence over the Hells, and Satan turned weapons of their own creation against his masters.

Throught the ages Satan has secretly held one of the weapons he used in service of the Old Ones to dominate his fellow arch devils. As ruler of the Hells, he has assembled more of the Old Ones’ work than all of the other Arch Devils’ work combined. With such power almost in his grasp, he commenced his gambit for power in collusion with Kavad-Ell, then known as the eleventh arch devil, Lucifer the Lightbringer.

All seemed to go well as the great human witch, Andrakasis fell into his service and brought the world to it’s knees amongst the chaos. Then as the gods and the angels looked upon the fraturing world, he sent Lucifer and Andrakasis at the head of a force against Ell-Maine itself. His ignorance was revealed, when the angels repelled the threat and captured Lucifer.

Then Andrakais fell to the love of the woman he had taken as wife. The promising mortal sought to break his pledge to Satan escape penalty. He was unsuccessful.

With the great witch’s daughter cursed to Satan’s advantage, and Andrakasis a prisoner in Hell, Satan seemed to have recovered from a minor set back. That was until Andrakasis was freed from his abyssal prison by the group. Andrakasis, a man that seems not to know he is a man turned the same guile that had broken the world against the Lord of Hell himself.

Andrakasis helped the group take the weapon Satan had used against his fellow Devils and then publicized the change in the status quo. The resulting war in Hell drove Satan from his long held seat of power to pursue his revenge and this lost weapon on Palladium.


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