Shah Dallan


After Orbray-Ell’s trial the Angel Queen granted each member of the group the answer to a question of their choosing. Chaisane found out that Karnis Dell was the name of the one responsible for the death of her parents. Emalf learned that Sastalice was the most powerful living warlock. And the rest of the group were told the names of 3 beings they should be wary of in their future: Landradis, Andrakasis, and Shah Dallan.

Shah Dallan is the fire dragon from which Andrakasis stole the ‘Crown of Forever’ so that his throne would not out live him. The theft itself used the Mirrorwitch’s handmaiden, Illynis, to locate the Crown and then left the elf to face Shah Dallan as the apparent thief.

The confrontation when Shah Dallan came to the Eastern Throne to reclaim his crown flattened the Eastern Capital and destroyed virtually all information on the heritage of the royal family. Andrakasis narrowly escaped the beast with the help of the group.

The origins of the dragon date back to the Elf-Dwarf wars. Shah Dallan had been summoned by the infamous elven summoner Amrohse Krelzinias near the end of the war. He was bound by the summoner to aid them in destroying the dwarves.

As great armies had clashed, Shah Dallan had been sent behind enemy lines to bury the dwarves’ runic laboratories and with them, destroy the dwarves ability to sustain war. This mission had exposed the dragon to magic that eroded Krelzinias’ hold, until on the day Shah Dallan first faced the wearer of the Crown of Forever, the summoner’s authority was broken.

Shah Dallan named Elf and Dwarf alike as his enemies.

In the subsequent centuries, the Elves and Dwarves threw themselves against each other, and after the cessation of Elf-Dwarf hostilities the dominant races of Palladium had been reduced to delicate husks attempting to hide their fragility from the world.

Shah Dallan had never rested. He routed and destroyed their great cities as mercilessly after the war ended as he had before, and it is clear now that Shah Dallan’s vendetta will only stop when every one of the great cities has been raised. Some histories depict him as a solitary destroyer, others as the banner behind which the monster armies rallied, and still others as the lurker within Elven and Dwarven communities that had turned them upon themselves.

Shah Dallan

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