Valyndria Maloqae, Princess


Princess and mother of Peril, killed in labour as the first act of Peril’s curse. Pure innocence made possible with a rare and naïve optimism. She was the one true heart and hope of all the world against Andrakasis, for he would not be beaten in battle, but in honour and love.

The machinations of Tolmet tricked the great Witch King into a duopoly of pledges to both his wife and the goddess of death herself. The strength of these promises was pitted against his singular demonic pact to an unforgiving master.

It was Valyndria that pleaded with the most ambitious man that ever lived to spare her child, she whom was taken away from him soon after. His pain was monumental and his apparent death from the curse followed 5-6 years later.

Daughter of Landradis and Arinne.


Valyndria Maloqae, Princess

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