Vialus Armigon

Leader of the covens of the east.


Vesicarradah was succeeded by Vialus Armigon; a man that offered his loyalty to both the invading armies of Queen Landradis, and the incumbent Witch-King when his authority was most besieged. Lord Armigon’s designs on the throne were frustrated first by Queen Landradis, and then by “Witchbane” after the disappearance of Andraksis. None the less he has led the Covens to dominate almost every part of the city’s operations.

Vialus is a tall older man with complexion to match and albino, but with a shock of long black hair. He favours practical leather attire and a black cloak. On his right hand he wears a large signet ring bearing the likeness of a demonic raven head.

Armigon’s coming is often signalled by the presence of ravens. His familiar, Nicalak, has never been observed in any form but the animal for which his master has such fascination.

Vialus Armigon

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