weapon (melee)

Castlerake, the great runesword known to transform the greatest structures of the world to rubble. Kings, Emperors and warmongers have sought this weapon throughout the ages. Blood and gold have been forsaken for it.

Superficially it is a massive two-handed blade that when plunged into the foundations of a building will cause the stone to shudder, heave and then fall in upon itself. It is a weapon that can emit quake like shock waves simply by extending it toward the enemy.

But Andrakasis learned in the Forbidden Vaults of Dawn that Castlerake is more than it seems. He described the sword he chose as the means of crushing the united armies of the world as follows.

“Let me tell you about Castlerake. Not a soul may see it or know of it until the right time”.

“Its name is known the world over, but its sight is known by all creatures everywhere. The lowest serf would recognise that blade and what it could do to stone fortifications. That recognition seduces typical minds into believing they know the swords greatest power”.

“But a man’s mind is his castle”, whispered Andrakasis. “Castlerake’s greatest power is not over stone and mortar. It is over the minds of those that see it. It forces knowledge of its function upon all who behold it, it instills both great fear and covetous greed”.

After the Paladin, Hope, realized that Shah Dallan would confront Andrakasis to reclaim the Crown of Forever, she took Castlerake in hand to defend the wearer of the Crown, and thus reality itself. She pursued the dragon across the battlefield and brought to bear the might of Castlerake against the beast whilst the man she wished dead escaped. When the group and the Witch-King were clear of the palace, it was Castlerake and not the dragon (as historians record) that flattened the palace as she used the rubble to cover their tracks.


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