Death's Key

weapon (melee)

Any who hold this dagger know Necropolis. It is monumentally potent, waves of power roll from it and the symbol in its hilt is that of death…..the black sun rising. The opposite of the symbols adorning the trappings of the healers of Dawn….the antithesis of life itself radiates from it.

Considered a symbol to identify Tolmet’s chosen avatar in the mortal world,references to the dagger in Madgellania’s hands litter history, but no one has seen the dagger before and lived.

That was until the dagger came into the groups possession and they realised what rests in its hilt, it is the rune of black Dawn from one of the Hedron of Doors’. Touching the dagger is not without its penalty. The dagger is a manifestation of the goddess’ will, amplified by the rune in its hilt and given to the voice. It wants death, and it has the power to make death happen.

Most weapons might be just tools, but the ‘Death’s Key’ is more than a tool. It is a will and one that can command the mind that touches it. Holding the dagger will bring to bear a mind control effect that begins as a faint voice and grows to a perception smothering command. All the while the dagger whispers, never growing louder or shouting, as the holder falls more into its sway. It most wants suicide, but any kind of homicide will sate it temporarily.

Amongst the thing it whispers are:
Eternity awaits
Rest with me
Rest with the goddess
The Afterlife is immortal
Don’t you want to be immortal

The dagger kills with intent. An incidental cut will only do the damage of a normal dagger…but a cut with ‘will’ behind it is almost instantly fatal. Intent will also grant the wielder supernatural resilience against all attacks, allowing them to press on against impossibly serious wounds to give the dagger what it craves.

The power of the dagger is spiritual, not poisonous. It snuffs out the spirit.

Death's Key

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