The Eternity Sword

weapon (melee)

In the eastern sands of the Baalgor Wastelands is the crater where the Old Ones halted the assault of the gods and men by detonating magicks the like of which have not been seen since. The crater radiates potent magic even thousands of years later and is perhaps a fitting place for the imprisonment of one of the creatures whose magic still taints the sand.

Forged of the most primal rune magic, the crypt itself is a runic artifact that is meant to serve as the prison for an Old One. The walls of the crypt are decorated in images seemingly made of dots, but the fine images are actually rendered from countless coloured runes. The Eternity Sword and the Stalker of Eternity are extensions of the crypt. All their power is drawn through their link with the crypt and as the receptacle of such power, the sword is the focus of more mystic might than could ever be inscribed on a small shaft of steel.

This hidden depth to its magic is the reason Molorndrin had not been able to destroy the stalker. The stalker and the sword are manifestations of the same thing and to destroy one would surely destroy the other. None the less, Molorndrin’s mammoth insight allowed him to achieve what most wizards considered impossible, and in finding a way to imprison the Stalker of Eternity he also imprisoned a portion of the swords power, thus prevented the full scope of the swords power and personality from imposing itself on the King whilst he held the great weapon.

As a consequence of the throttle Molorndrin’s magic placed upon the Stalker, the sword itself was oppressed. The addictive personality of the weapon was dulled, mournful, and less inclined to motivate its wielder to evil deeds. King Arrine had witnessed a more stayed personality and never suspected the malevolence his court wizard had held at bay.

The swords nature is one of anarchy, pain and suffering. It is a dominating persona and one driven to rule through force. The extent of the sword’s powers remain a mystery, but it is known to be able to cleave through time and space. To drain life with its wounds, and generate time displacement fields.

Its powers are largely useless against the stalker, which commands the same abilities. The Stalker can sense the presence of the sword through the mutual link to the crypt they share.

The Eternity Sword

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