The Eye of the Storm


Long ago, the wizard/god, Kalba sought the power of air to destroy the gods that had so cruelly taken his physical body. Over a period of decades he fashioned a crystal globe which could be used to capture the element of air.

When the orb was complete he made his way to the stormy northern waters where the god, Algor, is said to unleash his fury upon the world, and waited. For three centuries Kalba waited for Algor’s anger to bring such a storm to the land. And when it came he battled his way through its perils to its ominously silent heart.

There he brandished the crystalline sphere at the eye of the storm and called forth the magic’s that therein slept. He had planned to capture elemental force, but instead he found he had forged a prison for the Elemental at the heart of the storm. And so unforeseen was this outcome that he attempted to release the otherworldly creature.

The result was a creature trapped, but its powers could reach beyond the magical glass. And the confused and angry Elemental raged and called out into the horizons for its freedom.

The power that descended on Kalba at that point was the sum of more than one elemental, every air elemental in the vicinity hastened to the aid of his captive and a storm the like of which no god(s) could ever hope to silence ravaged the land.

The storm lasted for four days before the elemental grew tired and fell into slumber. But by that time the body Kalba had possessed was long dead, along with hosts of other creatures.

And each time the orb is touched, the Elemental calls out for help and a truly uncontrollable display of power results.

The Eye of the Storm

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