The Hedron of Doors


The basic value in this artifact is its infallibility and its unlimited ability to maintain portals joining the hedron and the runes subordinate to it. The device is a dodecahedron with a single engraved rune on each of eleven faces. The twelfth face bears the depiction of a flaming ring. When inert, the engravings contain metal letters, the letters can be removed by touching the flaming circle and the symbol one wishes to remove.

The symbol can then be carried to any place or time, and when the Hedron is activated a portal connecting the Hedron face with its matching symbol will coalesce. The symbols could be scattered throughout the planes of existence and so long as the symbol and the flaming face of the hedron both rest on bare earth (or an equivalent conduit to dimensional energy), the pair will drink of the worlds strength to power the worm-hole joining the two.

The Hedron bends reality and realigns ley lines to create the portals. Ley-lines are like the magnetic flux lines of magic encircling the world. They form intersecting rings across the globe and along these lines magic is more powerful. A point of ley-line intersection is known as a leyline nexus and the Hedron manipulates the flow of magic flux such that a nexus is centred upon the Hedron when it is active.

It is important to realize that the Hedron does not create ley-lines, it diverts the leylines that already exist to serve its function.

The Hedron of Doors

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