Rings of Dawn


The simple white gold bands are the sign of a senior Healer of Dawn and the associated privileges. The temple has led the world to believe the world changing power of these rings remains within the power of the Medicii and the Loreguard to create. Whatever the truth, the rings are jealously guarded within the temple and on the Medicii Dawn sent to sanctioned kingdoms to advise their rulers.

The rings effectively allow Medicii and the Essenser to hold telepathic council at will. The link is not ever present, but can be activated at will.

The rings are known to conduct more than simple thought. Using a ritual in which the ring is heated in magical fire and the scalding face of the opposing sides of the ring applied to a healer and a warrior facilitates the transfer of a measure of the character of the ring to the scarred couple. The ritual creates bond between the couple so potent that they become intimately aware of each other and the healer, whom would normally require direct physical contact to heal is able to cast the healing light of Dawn through the link to heal the warrior.

Such is the basis of the Loreguard-Enforcer bond which allows a single Enforcer to confront armies whilst the Loreguard lurks safely out of reach of their enemies and sustains the Enforcer in the face of impossible wounds. Together such teams travel the world to seize dangerous artifacts and lock them safely within the vault of forbidden knowledge at the temple.

Rings of Dawn

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