The angels occupy a plane known as Ell-maine. Almost all angels are female and have names ending in ‘ell’. Eg: Orbray-Ell, Seraph-Ell, Micha-Ell, Rapha-Ell, Suray-Ell, Ishmay-Ell, etc. Angels cast no shadow because shadows are a sign of impurity, the evil of mortals is said to be their shadows thinking for them.

They are immortal beings without the capacity to reproduce created at the beginning of time and can only die in battle. Their bodies are untouched by time, but their minds are not so unscathed and memory of the beginning differs between individual angels. The Angel hierarchy is based upon the length of memory each angel possesses, and prefects/queen have the longest memories of all.

The angels were charged by the creator (a abstract, long absent being, beyond the gods) to deliver a message from creation (origin) to apocalypse. The angels serve another purpose too: they don’t know how they do it, but their records of creation imply that they also preserve the means to read the message.

Prophecy says of Orbray-Ell in regard to Emalf Eldritch: “She will stand between you and her reckoning. Her stand will be the reason her kin will fly into the flames”. Alluding to the potential escalation of a great war to an apocalypse (because the message itself can be threatened through the participation of Ell-maine in the conflict).

The permanent manifestation of the portal to Ell-Maine on Palladium is a titanic sphere of shifting clouds radiating beams of light. Ell-Maine itself is a plane of clouds ruled by the Angel Queen whose rule is enforced by the prefects of the judgment hall and the male angel Executioner Perath (the only angel that openly wields a weapon (scythe)).


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