The institution of Dawn is known to be founded by a revered man by the name of Dralion. It was he that inspired a following of healers to unite for a greater good, and he that initiated the familiarity of the temple with the rulers of the world. He is considered to the current day to be capable of curing any ailment. His murder at the hands of a cultist of Necropolis is one of the most lamented events in the history of the temple.

Today, almost all of the healers in the world are trained at the Temple of Dawn. Dralion’s seed has grown into a political power unmatched. Whilst it has no armies, it has the protection of most major civilisations. To alienate the healers of dawn is to sabotage any military campaign you may wage, for though the temple is rarely vengeful it has always acted to preserve both itself and the greater good.

The temple is a fortress made of pearl. The most ornate of structures, grown/molded from the white stone by elemental magic. Its passages are often likened to the corridor of light witnessed as part of near death experience or resurrection. It is suspected such associations result from recollection of previous lifetimes when the individuals were healed in the temple.

The healers are a peaceful people, they take their prestigious place in history proudly and are subject to all rulers and none. For whilst the holy leader of Dawn, whom has the title of Essenser, is elected by a majority vote of all the civilisations (one vote from each civilisation) of Palladium that care to send an ambassador to the Temple of Dawn, it is not required to submit to any kingdom’s laws.

In fact the role of Dawn in the formation of regional law through its advising healers within many palaces was precisely the part Dralion and the celestials wanted for Dawn. The Essenser of Dawn speaks for all his healers, and to offend him/her can have terrible consequences.

The philosophy surrounding the power of healing is well documented. Even from the earliest of references is clear that Dralion led the priests of Dawn toward understanding the power they would need to nurture a world more like to survive its trials.

Doctrine confused by mythology and time describes Healing/Life coming from the soul. Likewise, it credits the sun as the source of life, for its energy is the power that gives all creatures life. For this reason all souls, like the sun, are thought to be made up of brightness/light. Certain powers allow some beings to behold souls, and these have always shown the soul to be a glowing cloud that fills the body and permeates a very small amount from the body into the atmosphere.

Some souls are thought to contain more (intense) brightness than others. These beings are healers, and their souls permeate further than the norm. But never the less, healing is a skill and mastery takes many years, and when exercised, the soul becomes stronger.

The act of healing is described as ‘bridging’. There is a natural gap of shadow between souls, and when a being is healed, the healer must overcome this gap by creating a ‘bridge’ of brightness. The inflow of brightness is referred to as a ‘dawning’ of new life (much as the rising sun gives to the earth each morning).

Within the doctrine is the declaration of an ‘eclipse’ on any given society. Within ‘eclipsed’ communities, by order of the Essenser and the Medicii council, there will be no ‘dawnings’. Eclipses usually last the length of an Essenser’s life and with a new Essenser comes a new set of rules and eclipses. But traditionally some savage, barbaric or menacing civilisations (like the City of Death, Necropolis) are almost invariably eclipsed.

The healers of Dawn play the worlds paternal figures. They keep peace, precipitate “necessary” war and remove danger from the hands of the unknowing. Healer representation across the world is coordinated at the Temple proper via Dawn’s holiest artifacts; the Dawn rings. These rings facilitate a telepathic meeting of minds across any distance are much of the reason that Dawn is so intimately aware of, and tied to every political movement.

Dawn supports an arm of healers known as “the Loreguard”. The Loreguard are Medicii (silver belt) charged with dangerous artifact retrieval. Using a ritual that transfers the enchantment of a Dawn ring to the bridge of a Healer actively healing someone, a persistent (nearly) permanent bridge can be created between souls.

Those joined with the Loreguard this way are called “Enforcers”, and are amongst the most respected warriors in the world. Enforcers are known to face scores of men alone and emerge victorious because their Loreguard heals them from a place of safety. Dangerous magic confiscated by the Loreguard is secreted away in the Vaults of Forbidden Knowledge beneath the Temple itself, and then time is left to blur the memory of the dangers they have spared the world.

Dawn’s philosophers speculate that the bond between Loreguard and Enforcer is the closest tie mortals can share. And living dangerous lives, inevitably their deeds eventually claim them. When one of the pair survives the other, the spiritual loss is something few recover from.

Lastly the Healers of Dawn possess a ranking scheme signified by the colour of their belts. Metallic colours (that shine) represent the highest ranks, and the Essenser is the only healer of the gold belt. He is the elected representative of Dawn for the term of his life from the ranks of the Medicii (silver belt). Only the most talented healers born on the minute of dawn may be elevated to the silver belt.


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