The Pirates in the Floenry have plagued the civilised world for centuries, but it was not until some 25 years past that the Federation of the Floenry was made real by the arrival of an influx of pirates from other parts of the world.

Initially the existing hierarchy had prevailed over the new recruits, but with time some personalities proved more ruthless than others and the like of Borgul Somon and tested and conquered the established leadership.

But in the void created by Borgul’s viscousness another man rose that could resist the monster himself. Then Mithis Valicar took a new name on seizing power to help the pirates understand the secretive, seemingly subservient man they had known was gone. In doing so he was replaced by Pirate Master Lesondiss whom openly declared himself a changeling and made no secret of his powers of mind. He used his legend to give even Borgul pause.

In the years that followed, the Federation benefited from the experience and intellect of such a man and what was once a localised effort in classic piracy became something much more. The Federation found alliances in slave trade and in corrupt kingdoms where once it was too insular to pursue them and has thrived ever since.


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