Message Thieves

Near the beginning of time, the angels lapsed in their duty to protect the message. Trespassers gained access to the tome and through it stole power greater than the gods. On discovering the breach, Ell-maine pursued the thieves that would one day be known as “The Old Ones” to the Palladium world.

In the time before the hosts of Ell-maine arrived, the Old Ones found a Palladium world populated with weak beings and enslaved them with little more than their thoughts alone. For hundreds of years the Old Ones were free to conquer and torture the continents of Palladium.

When Ell-maine had manifest on Palladium, the Old Ones had been oblivious to the arrival of the celestials. The angels spread throughout the world to guide and prepare the world to end the Old Ones’ reign.

The creatures now known as the Gods of Palladium found themselves an unknowing part of an alliance they may not have entered willingly. Unaware of the hand of Ell-maine upon their fate, the gods warred against the greater beings.

Failing to defeat the Old Ones, the Prefects dispatched the celestial, Kavad-Ell to intervene. He appeared to the gods under the name “Lucifier, the Lightbringer”. Lucifier, whom history calls by many names, helped the gods come to the realisation that the death of the Old Ones was not the only means to victory.

An alliance of man, god and celestial begot tailored prisons to entrap the Old Ones in eternal slumber. Lucifier orchestrated a trap requiring more forces than the mortals of Palladium could muster. He convinced the Angel Queen to commit the forces of Ell-maine to complete the trap. The trap itself was made possible by the aid of the treacherous lieutenant to one of the Old Ones; Satan.

Apocalypse was narrowly averted that day, but the cost to the host of Ell-maine was devastating. The Palladium world records the angel numbers as a limitless ocean of divine force, and the host has worked ever since to hide the truth of the present behind a legend bought with most of the lives of Angel kind.

The truth that more than three quarters of all the Angels ever made were destroyed to safe guard the future from “the Message Thieves”.

Message Thieves

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