An unusual band of academics/magicians. They view all things in terms of their mathematic description, and anything they cannot describe is a problem to be solved. Their ultimate goal is the preservation of the Matrix of Eternity. The matrix is defined as a multi-dimensional lattice that hosts all things that exist in all places and is a part of the framework for the message to be convey to Ell-Maine.

Some of the known dimensions in the lattice are the various planes (Palladium, Ell-maine (home of the angels), Hell, Hades, Limbo, and countless others), time, displacement (in 3 dimensions), magic, psionic power, forms of energy, entropy (randomness) and rotation. This is by no means the extent of the cult’s knowledge of the dimensions of the matrix.

However the matrix is affected by all things, each being/digit/entity is a collection of variables within the matrix that produce results referred to as resolutions. Anyone can affect the matrix. For most, it is only inadvertently and unknowingly by moving in any of the three dimensions and consuming or expelling energy. All magic users alter the matrix quite markedly to cast spells, but as with all things the matrix imposes its reaction, equal and opposite, in a way that is often unfathomable (mages tire, are destroyed, and similar).

The magic of the Sequence is directly related to editing the matrix in a more educated way than most other magicians. It involves the resolution of lengthy formulas using variables that include the target and the caster. To help speed their casting they use an abacus as a focus (though quill and paper would be nearly as helpful).

For example, the group had to go back in time. This is because the Sequence determined a formula for the solution to Peril’s curse, but calculating the resolution to this formula required substituting the variables into the formula. The variables in this instance were the members of the group (because they had more contact with Peril than most others living) and Modulus (a member of the sequence; all members have mathematical names like Modulus, Logica, Omegadan, Pythagoras, Reasnon, Daedalus, etc).

So the variables were substituted and after the wait for an answer the group returned from the past with the pieces of truth needed to stay the curse of Peril. Whilst in the past there were certain rules that Modulus told the group they should follow, or time might act to preserve its continuum. In effect time would age them proportional to their meddling in the timeline.

There are two main schools of thought in the Sequence: the Order of Infinity and the Order of Zero. It is known that the matrix has been made unstable by the millennia of abuse it has suffered. The answer to repairing/preventing the damage is a hotly debated topic because there are variables that elude determination.

The answer to the preservation of the matrix is, according to each order, the number which they represent (zero or infinity). For a long time this was a passive and theoretical debate. That was until the girl, Peril, entered their midst.

The theory of Zero is such that the matrix can only be repaired/preserved by the destruction of all life. They want to return things to the way they were at the beginning of time. Meanwhile, the Order of Infinity believes all things are cyclic and hope lies with the future of plans already in action, or yet to be implemented. Thus Zero would nurture Peril’s curse to destroy everything, whilst Infinity would nullify the curse without harm to the girl herself (because the consequences of her death are deemed incalculable).

It is important to stress here that no one in the sequence is evil. All of their actions are taken purely on the basis of their calculations and hypotheses. They are a neutral organisation, divided and pitted against themselves by their beliefs and a curse that distorts their conviction to violent proportions.

Infinity believed that should the group witness and recount the reason the curse has come to be, that it might be ended.

The group have since returned to Sequence Headquarters to find Peril’s curse broke all the measures they built against it and the evil of the Hells spreads from her to threaten the world.


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