The Great War

AKA: The Eclipse (Necropolis), The Convergence (Sequence), The Reckoning (Ell-maine)
Prophecy the world over speaks of the Great Wars. There have been a number of them over the millennia including the War of the Gods against the Old Ones and the Elf-Dwarf wars thousands of years later.

The Great War is described by the factions of the world as a heaven and earth sundering conflict. Many factions call it by many different names, but perhaps it is best described by the adherents to the studies of Zero and Infinity. They claim that “The Great War” is a convergence of the dimensions of the matrix such that the collision of forces makes it impossible to predict the outcome. The common thread in Great Wars is that they threaten the message of Origin, and the Angels of Ell-maine believe that in the event that the message is wrested from their control that apocalypse will have come.

Andrakasis claims to be “the general of the great war mentioned in holy scripts the world over”. His claim was of adequate weight that Tolmet herself dealt with him in exchange for a favour when the Great War comes.

All portends indicate another Great War is imminent and heaven and earth are moving to prepare for it.

The Great War

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